PO Box 1306, Pennington, MN 56663

Adopt a Lady’s Slipper

The Lady Slipper Scenic Byway committee is committed to preserving the showy ladys slippers along the byway throughout all phases of the highway reconstruction. Many volunteer hours have already been invested in surveying the existing colonies of orchids, working with the highway department and relocating and storing orchids in advance of the highway reconstruction. We find ourselves in need of funds to continue this work to cover such things as equipment rental and safety equipment, as well as a fund to reimburse for labor above and beyond what the volunteer groups can do.

Donate to the Lady Slipper Scenic Byway via Paypal

Please help us keep the byway worthy of its name by the symbolic adoption of ladys slippers. To donate online, see http://givemn.razoo.com/story/Lady-Slipper-Scenic-Byway

To mail a check, please download the printable form for details.

Lady's slipper adoption/donation form (pdf)

Thank you to the following people for their donations:

  • Garden Club Blackduck (MN)
  • District 12, MN State Horticultural Society at request of Cass Lake (MN) Garden Club Cass Lake (MN)
  • Garden Club Bemidji (MN)
  • Wright County Minnesota Horticultural Society
  • Scott & Tamara Sather Chanhassen, MN
  • Steve & Catherine Long Duluth, MN
  • David & Rosanne Gilmore Albert Lea, MN
  • Susan Nygaard Duluth MN
  • Sheila Ryan Bemidji MN
  • Dorthy Naramore Bemidji MN
  • Anonymous, three individuals
  • Shirley Gilmore Hines MN
  • Shirley McMaster Pennington MN
  • Nancy Salminen Cass Lake MN
  • Marcine Forrette Sioux Falls, SD
  • Lawrence A. Krantz
  • Harris & Sylvia Sachau Bemdiji MN
  • Kathy Bolin Rochester MN
  • Arly Piri Minneapolis, MN